YYQTGG Heavy Duty Bed Risers, Furniture Risers Durable Good Bearing Capcacity Antiskid 4pcs for Washing Machine


Add Height: The furniture risers can improve your sleeping or help people with back pain, the increased height allows the sweeping robot to easily enter for .
More Space: The bed risers greatly increase space under the bed, you can get more space for your bed for storage, convenient and portable.
Premium Material: Made of high strength upgraded plastic, the couch risers are durable and can easily support the bed. In addition, the non slip rubber pad can greatly prevent its sliding.
Good Bearing Capacity: With reinforcers under the top, the plastic bed risers can bear up to 2,200lb, that is 550lb per bed riser, remaining stable even when children are jumping on the bed.
Wide Application: The heavy duty bed risers are suitable for table, sofa, sofa, table, chair, cabinet, armchair and other furniture, providing exceptional space, easy to use and store when not needed.

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