YFJBHDIAN Roll Up Guest Mattress Floor Bed Folding Portable Camping Mattress Thicken Mattress Pad Sleeping Pad, Minimalist Shiki Futon Camping Mattress


* [Skin-friendly floor mattress] – The mattress base for adults, soft and comfortable skin-friendly fabric, highly elastic polyester fibre, moisture-absorbing and breathable, no formaldehyde, no fluorescent agent, reactive printing and dyeing, does not fade easily, health and safety
* [Removable foldable mattress] – This floor futon mattress is foldable and easy to travel or store. It is very suitable for small apartments and tight spaces. It is an ideal mattress choice for guest rooms, hotels, dormitories, hospitals, travel and your guests
* [Fit the body curve] – The approx 8 cm thick sleeping mattress for the floor can correct and improve the back pain and back stiffness caused by sleep. The futon mattresses can distribute the weight of the human body and automatically adjust the sleeping position. You will not feel tired after prolonged sleep on a Japanese mattress
* [Anti-slip Japanese Bed] – Sleeping mats for the floor offer you seating and bed linen at any time of year without wasting space. Elastic straps at the four corners attach the comfortable sleeping mat to the mattress without slipping, so you can relax on any bed without having to fall on the carpet
* [Maintenance instructions] – This rolled mattress cannot be washed, bleached, ironed or dry cleaned. You need to take a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress regularly. We will compress this item during the packaging process, so it takes 2-3 days for the normal thickness to be restored after opening the packaging

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