NIBHZ Mattress, Foldable Natural Breathable Latex Cushion Memory Foam Thickened Mattress Pad Futon Tatami Student Dormitory Single Double Mattress, 7.5 cm Thick,Blue B-150x190cm


● Comfortable sleep latex, knitted spine-protecting latex pad, imported latex, more fit the body curve, excellent support and full release of pressure to help you enter a deep sleep faster.
● Thailand’s high-purity latex, each rubber tree can only produce 30ML per day. Whether the mattress is good or not, the quality of the latex is the key. Our latex is tough, not slag, and not easy to break.
● Rejecting the collapsed layered design, the five-layer protects the ridge for a long sleep without collapse, and intelligently supports silent and deep sleep.
● The soft and hard mattress fits the curve moderately, and the contact area with the human body is larger than that of the beryllium copper mattress. The high elasticity and rapid rebound are effective, supporting all parts of the body, and evenly distributing the body pressure.
● Strict pursuit, foldable and easy to store, foldable design for easy storage and save time.

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