NA Quilt Holder, Bed Sheet Quilt Cover Needle-Free Fixed Buckle, Invisible Quilt Cover Anti-Running Nail Button


Upgraded fixator: The traditional fixator is made of two semicircular syringes glued together, and it is easy to burst after being stressed. The upgraded model is integrally formed and the inner and outer layers are reinforced, the burst problem is improved, and the improved upgraded model is durable and does not break.
The cute and cute cat has soft paw prints on your quilt, the quilt is fixed, the quilt cover is no longer curled up, and sleeps more securely.
Thick and thin quilts are all fixed: suitable for 0.5kg~7.5kg thin and thick quilts. The thin version is suitable for quilts under 2.5kg, and the thick version is suitable for quilts under 3kg~7.5kg.
Flexible plastic needle: environmentally friendly material, soft and not hurting the quilt, tough and not easy to break.
The short rubber line can fix summer cool quilts (0.5kg~2.5kg), air-conditioning quilts and other thin quilts, and the long rubber line can fix 7.5kg thick winter quilts.

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