Home-X Bed Skirt Pins, Home Decor Accessories, Heavy-Duty Push Pins Set of 8


HEAVY-DUTY BED SKIRT PINS: These strong bed skirt pins are perfect for any cleaning fanatic. The double-pronged design can keep bedding in place, even if you have to flip the mattress. They are primarily intended to be used on the box spring to hold the bed skirt in place, but they can also be used to keep fitted sheets in place on your mattress.
WORKS FOR ANY SIZED BED: Whether you have a king, queen, full, or twin mattress, this set of 8 high-quality pins should be enough to keep your bedclothes straight and in place. These no-slip pins are also great for adapting oversized bed skirts to a smaller bed frame. This way you won’t have to go out and buy a new bed skirt.
PROVIDE A CLEAN LOOK: The white durable bar on these high-quality metal pins will not only provide a clean look by keeping everything in place but will also look great no matter where you decide to place them. Whether you decide to place them in plain view or place them below the mattress where they cant be seen, they are sure to look great.
KEEPS BEDDING IN PLACE: Bed making just got a whole lot easier! Whether you decide to use these sharp edge grippers on the bed in your bedroom, the guest room, or kid’s room, they are sure to do their job well and keep bedding where it is supposed to be. Now there will be no more unsightly sagging or drooping.
HOTEL QUALITY: With the help of these bed skirt pins, you’ll feel like you have a personal housekeeper. These pins can make keeping your bed linens in order a breeze. They may even make every night feel like an overnight stay in a hotel. The double-pronged design is superior compared to other corkscrew-shaped pins because they are easier to maneuver and won’t cause damage to your box spring.

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