Gaeirt Summer Sleeping Mats, Household Single-Person Reusable Mattresses, Summer Student Foldable Cooling Mats, for Dormitory/Home/Bed/Travel (90195CM)


✿【MATERIAL】 This mat is made of fine materials, exquisite workmanship, suitable for home use. If this mat is folded after the summer has passed and stored, you only need to wash the mat when you want to use it, dry it, and then you can use it again use.
✿【SINGLE MATTRESS】 This mattress is suitable for single beds. It has a rectangular shape. It is suitable for single beds in school dormitories or homes. When the summer is hot, you can put this mattress on the bed and give it to you. The night brings a little coolness.
✿【FOLDABLE】This cushion is very convenient if you want to take it out. If you want to take it out, you only need to roll it up and tie it with a rope to carry it or store it well, and it will be taken up when stored. The space is also very small.
✿【FIXED】Wear-resisting edge, neat sewing thread, four corners of super elastic fixed bands, can be fixed on the mattress. So when you sleep on this mat, you don’t have to worry about the mattress falling off, very Practical and convenient.
✿【SUMMER SLEEPING PAD】This sleeping pad is suitable for use in summer and is suitable for use at home. When the weather is hot, you can use this sleeping pad to bring a good experience to your summer sleep. At the same time, if you want to use this bed It’s okay to get Dip to the ground,

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