Bundle-Waterproof Quilted Mattress Pad (White) & Pillow Protector , Premium Microfiber, Soft, Breathable, Vinyl-Free


BUNDLE INCLUDES: 1 White quilted mattress pad & 2 pillow protector. Both mirofiber made.
MATTRESS PAD: The mattress pad has a four-layer durable structure and contains super soft filling to be supportive for your body. The quilted mattress cover provides enough softness and comfort, offers a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment for you.
PILLOW PROTECTOR: The pillow protector had a high-quality zipper, which provides 360° protection. It stops dust from getting into your precious pillows and extends the lifetime of the pillow. The pillow encasement creates a safeguard for the pillow and you.
WATERPROOF TPU LAYER: A waterproof TPU membrane to prevent perspiration, liquids, stains, sweats, and anything from damaging your pillow. The TPU allows air through and makes you feel breathable throughout sleep.
EASY CARE: Machine washable and dryable. Wash with cold water and under a gentle cycle, tumble dry at low heat to avoid damage to waterproof TPU backing. It can stand repeatedly washed. Ruili offers 90 days refund service without questions asked.

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