Bamuho Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Breathable Soft for Standard Crib Toddler Mattress Quilted Fitted Baby Mattress Cover (Gray,52 x 28 Fits up to 8″)


【Perfect Fit】Whether it is oval, round or square, our bassine mattress covers can be easily opened. The deepest can be stretched to 8 inches, 360° is firmly fixed in the crib, no matter how you roll, it will not slip off or fold, the baby sleeps very peacefully every day!
【Waterproof】Bamuho bassinet mattress pad washable waterproof baby is quilted with a gourd pattern, which is extremely absorbent, which can keep your baby dry and hygienic forever. Sleep peacefully and comfortably!
【Relaxed Sleep Comfort】The peach skin fabric and the filling of ultra-fine chemical fiber cotton provide a soft and soothing contour comfort for the petite body, and reduce tossing and turning, so that your child can sleep better-you can too!
【Easy to Care】Our waterproof pads for bassinet mattress are machine washable, tumble dried, optimally 40 °C, and can be quickly and easily pulled onto the mattress. After multiple washings, the mattress cover always maintains its elasticity.
【Practical Two-piece】Our super soft bassinet mattress pad protector are available in one-piece and two-piece sets. It is highly recommended to buy two-piece sets, so that novice mothers always have a clean mattress cover for changing and washing. Take care of your baby’s sleep at all times!

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